Ubeen is a data visualisation tool that creates a graphical representation of your Uber ride history.

If you’re concerned about your personal data please read our privacy policy for a more detailed explanation.


Ubeen will look through your ride history, analysing the data to find out loads of juicy information. It will tell you your total time in an Uber, the average distance you travel, the types of cars you travel in, and much more!

Delve a little deeper and you may even find out some surprising trends!


Well, we say team. It was just the two of us!

Paul Scanlon

Creative Technologist - pauliescanlon.io

An 11+ years creative industry veteran and a dab hand at turning tech into award winning digital ideas. Currently seeking US job opportunities.

Jonny Blok

Full Stack Developer - jblok.co.uk

A fully certified coding ninja who can’t get enough of Javascript. Now available for exciting developer roles in London.


Ubeen is only granted access to a very small part of your Uber account via Uber’s Rides API. Specifically Ubeen uses the User Profile and User Activity endpoints. All of your private data such as home address, phone number and more importantly bank details are not available to Ubeen.

Ubeen doesn’t store or share any of the rides data used to create the charts. Ubeen does not access the specific start and end points of your journey. You’ll also not be able to share this data (unless you want to show someone over your shoulder!) as Ubeen doesn’t work unless you are logged in to your account.